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Tourists trying to escape incoming Tsunami
Running for their lives!!!

June 9, 2005

Indonesia faces new mega-tsunami

Another catastrophic giant earthquake similar to the one that caused carnage across the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day last year is lurking off Indonesia, say scientists.
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March 28-29, 2005

Massive 8.7 Quake Hits Indonesia, Many Dead

Map of Quake

"The streets were full of people getting away, on foot, in cars and on motorbikes"

Eye-witnesses across Indonesia told last night of their fear and panic, of people fleeing their homes in the darkness for high ground as the ground beneath them began to shake, three months after the Asian tsunami that claimed thousands of lives.
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"Surf paradise is hit hard"

In the first hours after the quake, reports began to emerge that while the snaking outline of Indonesia's coastline had escaped casualties, several hundred had lost their lives on the tiny island of Nias. By early this morning there was no definite figure on the numbers dead.
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"Rescuers find hundreds of bodies as earthquake toll rises"

About 330 bodies were recovered today from wrecked houses on Indonesia's Nias Island after yesterday's powerful earthquake.
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Aereal View of Nias

"Indonesian quake kills hundreds"

Indonesian officials say 2,000 people could be dead after a massive earthquake hit off the west coast of Sumatra, just three months after a tsunami caused havoc across Asia.
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"Massive earthquake causes panic in Asia"

Thousands flee but fears of another tsunami prove false. Death toll may hit 1,000 on tiny island at epicentre of shock.
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"Quake follows scientists predictions"

Detailed Earthquake Data

Although scientists cannot predict exactly when seismic events will occur, Monday's quake was not unexpected. In the March 17 issue of the journal Nature, researchers at the University of Ulster-Coleraine in Northern Ireland reported that stress was building in the Sumatran subduction zone as well as in the adjacent Sunda Trench. They warned that the stress was likely to be released in another seismic event.
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Small Tsunamis Reported Close To Epicenter

Close-up of Epicenter

"Three-metre wave hits Indonesia"

A THREE-metre wave has smashed into the Indonesian island of Simeuleu, off the coast of Sumatra, causing extensive damage shortly after a massive earthquake, according to the Indonesian military.
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"Nias Earthquake Produce 4 Meters High Tsunami in South Aceh"

Banda Aceh, detikcom Late Monday earthquake has produced tsunami waves that hit coastal area in along south coast of Aceh. The areas hit by the tsunami, according to Chief of Aceh Military Command Mayor General Endang Suwarya on Tuesday are Simeulue district, Singkil district, and Pulau Banyak sub-district.
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"Small Tsunami Reported on Cocos Islands"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A major earthquake off the coast of northern Sumatra on Monday caused a small tsunami on the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.
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January 14, 2005

Tsunami Survivor Needs to Locate Relatives - RESOLVED

A visitor of this site has informed me that this case is now resolved, I quote his email below.
The young girl pictured is Sophia Marleen Michl. She was caught up in the Indian Ocean tsunami on 26 December 2004 and separated from her parents. She was initially treated at a hospital in Phuket, and after her identity was determined she was returned to Germany. She is physically well; unfortunately, however, her parents are apparently still among the missing.

see the german police report:,213,0,0,1,0

or here:

I'd like to translate the last words of the police reports, which says: "We'd like to express our gratitude to all the volunteers and concurrently ask to stop the investigations and emails, so that Sophia can recover from her experiences in the bosom of her family"

Christian Matthys

Visitors of this site have informed me of this new case. Her name is Sophia Michl and is currently staying at the Phuket Hospital in Thailand. She is from Germany, is aged 10 and is looking for her parents Mr. Norbert and Mrs. Edeltraud Michl. If you have any info about this case please contact me as soon as possible.

I have made a page just to help locate her HERE with all the info I have recieved about this case including 2 larger photos to help in the search. Please link to it or forward it's contents to as many people as you can and hopefully we can help find her relatives

January 10, 2005

Video Shows Tsunami Roar Through The Streets

We have the new tsunami video that is making headlines around the world and was shot by a wedding photographer perched on a rooftop in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The video shows a roiling torrent of dark brown water engulfing a busy street, picking up cars and minivans and sending people scrambling up the sides of buildings.

January 8-9, 2005

3 New Tsunami Videos!

Added 3 new amazing amateur tsunami videos to the top of the videos section. The first one counting from top to bottom is filmed by a man in the balcony of a resort and clearly shows a succesion of 2 ever larger waves crashing in to the street and neraby resort followed by a rapid rise in tide.

In the second video a very large tsunami wave hits the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in India with such force that it sends large amounts of water over the top of the memorial which has a height of 113 feet.

In the third video the cameraman is filming a tsunami wave that is heading towards the beach, later he zooms towards a lone man in the beach and even though he is desperately trying to warn him of the imminent danger the man is either taken by surprise or too shocked to react and sadly is engulfed by the huge wave to certain death dissapearing from view in an instant.

January 7, 2005

It's here...

After sorting the bandwidth problems (at least temporarily) we are making available the video that we had announced earlier. Please scroll down the page and you will find it at the top of the videos section.

January 5-6, 2005

Shocking New Tsunami Video Coming Soon

We just received a video from a visitor containing some extraordinary amateur video footage of the Asian Tsunami. It shows an incredible low tide and in the distance MASSIVE waves breaking and coming at full speed. Military vessels and Yachts can be seen in the immediate vicinity but even though they are desperately trying to escape this incoming "monster" they get swallowed whole by the first wave and screams depicting sheer terror can be heard from the perplexed tourists in the beach. The cameraman is extremely shocked at what he is seeing unfold right in front of him and with increasing anxiety says "what is that!" over and over again in German before running to save his own life. This footage is exactly what we want the world to see because it shows the incredible destructive power and mesmerizing effect of the Tsunami and explains why so many people died and the enormous damage it caused to everything that was in it's path.

Due to the extremely large amount of traffic that this site is receiving at the moment we need to coordinate with our mirror servers to help us distribute the bandwidth load in order to make this new video available which will take a while so please come back later to watch it. It is a must see.

Also we are desperately seeking mirrors for the video files so if you want to help us out please contact us. Starts Making Rounds in the News

I´ve been so busy lately trying to keep up with the ever increasing load on the mirrors and preventing the whole site from falling apart that I forgot to tell you that "La República" or The Republic which is one of the main newspapers here in Uruguay wrote an article about this project and a little info about myself too. Although I rather remain anonymous the article talks about this site very favorably and that's why I think it's relevant. It is written in Spanish though sorry although I will translate the title for you which reads "Uruguayan Creates Site in Solidarity with Asia" you can find it here.

Other Info

If I haven't replied to your email you should keep in mind that I have been working on this project non stop for the last 5 days barely getting any sleep and putting all my other work on hold so it may take a while before I get back at you but I do try my best to respond to everybody.

Lastly I hope you like the new site theme :-)

January 4, 2005

The traffic to the site has increased significantly and we are now serving 10,000 downloads per hour and increasing rapidly. We are really struggleing with the load and even though we added an automated download system courtesy of Alex Davies and a lot of mirrors donated by members of WebhostingTalk the requirements of hosting this videos are truly inmense. For those that know how to use Bittorrent please use the link at the bottom because that would help decrease the bandwidth significantly.


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