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There will be "How to take care of your car (II)?" in the future
regarding the following questions:
1, If your car has problems on the road, what should you do?
1.1, Can I keep driving to the garage?
1.2, Should I call tow truck?
2, What kind abnormal sound should be taken care of?

Summary of todya's seminar:
1, Active defense system:
ABS (EBS), Tracking Control, Distance warning system
2, Passive defense system:
Seat belt, Air bags, Bumper
2.1 Seat belt is still the best among these components.
3, Read vehicle manual to know these important info:
3.1, What kind gas (87, 89, 91, 93)?
3.2, How long to change motor oil once?
3.3, Warn up period

To be continued ...  
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