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There may be "How to take care of your Premises(II)?" in the future
regarding the following questions:
1, Detail Instructions of minor Maintenance
1.1, Door Lock
1.2, Wall Cracks
1.3, Toilet, Forcet, Shower maintenance

Summary of todya's seminar:
1, Roof, Gutter Maintenance
2, Hot water boiler, Heater boiler preventive maintenance
2.1, Drain out dirty water right after boiler stops burning.
3, Some abnormal sound (water hammer) from heating system which needs repair services
4, Bath room cheanup to prevent black spots 
5, Using Florocent light bulbs instead of regular (Tamstum) light bulbs to save enerage
6, Know where the major Electrical circuit breaker, Gas valve, water valve and Main Sewer outlet.
7, Attach a description of each Elec Circuit Breaker below the Main Cir Breaker.
8, Check Vendor's Insurance before signing any service contract

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